Headlines, you gotta love ‘em. How many times have you amused yourself or acquired valuable knowledge because of a headline? Put another way, how many times would you have passed a great piece of information by just because the headline didn’t make it sound very enticing.

Well, my friends at Manta, the small business site clearly believe in the importance of headlines. Back in March—where the heck has this year gone, by the way?—they emailed me a nice little tip about using “power words” to make a “hot headline.”

Power words “create an emotional connection with your reader” and help you stand out against all the market noise. They don’t have to be very earth-shaking, either. Words like “announcing,” “sale,” and “innovative” will encourage folks to read your email, blog post, or ad. They are, as I noted in one of my earliest posts, rather like the eyebrows on a face.

My headline for this post is “Mastering Headlines.” I’m thinking that the search engines will pick up headlines, and maybe “mastering” promises that you’ll learn something. But I’d be very interested in your take on how to pep up this headline. That’s your assignment, and I’m interested in hearing from you.

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